How Long Will It Take to Sell My Business?

How To Sell My Business Fast

There are many factors that influence how long your business is on the market. Some factors cannot be controlled, such as the current market condition. However, there are many factors that the seller has control of:

  • Asking price in relation to profit
  • Transparency of the financial information
  • Diversification of the customer base
  • Elimination of owner dependency
  • Willingness to seller finance a portion of the purchase pricehourglass, how to sell my business fast


The main reasons for a business not selling are:

  • Unrealistic asking price
  • Business highly dependent on the owner
  • One or two customers generate the bulk of the revenues
  • Financial statements are inconsistent, casting doubt
  • The parties are unwilling to negotiate mutually acceptable price and terms


The national average from listing to contract is approximately 184 days. Minimizing red flags for a buyer can aggressively decrease the time your business is on the market.


How can Gateway MA assist me in shortening my selling time?

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I sell my business fast?”, your Gateway Broker will be honest with you about realistic expectations for selling your business as well as a potential asking price. They will assist you through the process of determining a sales price and down payment that will attract buyers, while also making sure that Business Owners receive fair compensation for all their hard work and investment. In addition, your business broker will offer assistance with getting third party financing arranged, if necessary.

Gateway MA shortens your selling time, so you can get on to your next adventure! Call the Gateway business sales experts now for a free, no obligation pricing analysis at (972) 219-6961.

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