What We Need from You

In order to prepare a Broker Opinion of Value for you, we will need the following:


  • 3 years of complete financial statements and Federal Tax Returns
  • Interim financial information for current fiscal year and financial statements for the same period in the previous fiscal year
  • Percent of sales by customer
  • Length of time the customer has been associated with the business
  • Value of inventory at cost
  • Fair market value
  • Copy of a recent real estate appraisal (if applicable)


Selling your business now:


  1. Continue to focus on the growth and profitability of your business.
  2. Sell or salvage obsolete inventory.
  3. Disclose the good and the bad about the business so the buyer doesn’t find surprises in the due diligence phase.
  4. Do not defer maintenance and repair to the equipment and facilities.
  5. Compromise is required by both buyer and seller to successfully negotiate a deal. A lop-sided deal for either party will result in “no deal” at all.


Selling your business in the future:


Contact a Gateway Broker today to:

  1. Learn best practices now to maximize your selling price.
  2. Find out what buyers look for and make improvements in your business now.
  3. Review your financials and operations.
  4. Receive recommendations on infrastructure.