Document Submission Resources & Guidelines

Signing Documents

Adobe Fill & Sign

If you have an iPhone, you can download the Adobe Fill & Sign app as a resource to complete a PDF file and send it.

Click Here to Download Adobe Fill & Sign App For iPhone

There is also an Adobe Fill and Sign App is available for Android phones:

Click Here to Download Adobe Fill & Sign App For Android

Scanning Documents


We receive documents that are unreadable because of the low-resolution quality.

There is a phone app called “CS Camscanner” that works much better for using your phone as a scanner than the phone camera alone. This is a screenshot of what the app looks like in the “App Store.”

How to find Camscanner on the Apple Store to scan with your phone, image scanning app, resources

Use your camera phone to take the photo through the CS Camscanner application then crop the image(s), process the image, then email the image as a “PDF” file type. This will provide high-quality scanned PDF documents.

Please re-scan and re-send the documents.