Possible Capital Gains Tax Changes

Capital Gains Tax Rate May Rise Within the Next Few Years

Stressed businessman with hand on forehead, capital gains tax changesPressure to increase the capital gains rate will come to bear as COVID-19 bailout funds increase. The current capital gains rate of 20% could be increased to a whopping 37% plus a 3.8% surcharge. Most experts believe major tax changes will happen in 2022 or 2023. With this in mind, many business owners are accelerating their plans to sell in order to take advantage of the current Capital Gains Rate. Is it time to sell your business? Call us today at (972) 219-6961.

Not ready to sell but would like to prepare for the future? Capital gains taxes are applied to what is known as the basis, or the difference between the sale price and the value of an Owner’s Investment. Contact your tax advisor about establishing your current fair market basis. Your advisor may suggest a USPAP valuation to set the basis for a future sale. Your advisor will give you all the pros and cons for your current situation.

Gateway’s knowledge of the business transaction process will provide you the guidance and advice needed to navigate the complex and stressful process of selling your business. Our brokerage firm has a track record of successful business sales for over 20 years in North Texas. Most corporate buyers have acquired multiple businesses while you may be experiencing your first sale.


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Too many business owners have an inflated view of what their business might be worth or no idea at all! There are a large number of tangible and intangible items which contribute to a market evaluation – and owning the business for a number of years or working very hard over those years are not the most important. In order to plan for growing the business, obtain a loan, or sell the business, it is critical to get the range of market values so that you can make the best-informed decision for you and your business.



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