Seller FAQs: Finding a Buyer


Each Broker has a different method for marketing a business for sale and finding a buyer; some with greater success than others. However, generally speaking, the process typically involves targeting a specific type of buyer, creating a marketing package, and then distributing said marketing package to that specific type of buyer. While this may work, this process can take a while; even longer if a broker is not well known or lacks connections.

How does Gateway MA find buyers for my business?

Gateway has several advantages over other Brokerage Firms. Our first advantage is our reputation with in the Business Selling Industry. With almost 20 years in the DFW area, we know the area and the local market extremely well. Additionally, we are frequently sought out by potential Buyers. We are also have the best and most experienced Brokers and Intermediaries on our team. With a combined 40 years of experience and w a wide range of specializations, our team know what they are doing to get your business sold quickly!

Perhaps our biggest advantage over other firms is our approach to marketing. During the consultation process, our Gateway Brokers and Intermediaries take the time to get to know your business, get to know you, and get to know your work. Then your Broker will put together a Marketing Package that showcases the very best qualities of your business. In order to protect your confidentiality, all advertising and marketing is conducted through a blind profile process. If you check out our Available Listings, you can see an example of our blind profile on all our listings.

With regards to our advertising/marketing process, it is solely determined by the type of business and the type of buyer being sought. Generally speaking, we utilize a combination of web based advertising (such as and, print advertising, industry publications, and a database of buyers who are interested in a business like yours. We also receive buyer referrals from other organizations, such as SBA’s SCORES group. However, approximately 75% of the time, buyers contact us regarding their desires and then we can present your business to them directly.

Gateway MA is an industry leader, sought out by Potential Buyers, and gets your business sold quickly.

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