Why Do Business Owners Choose Gateway?

When you’re ready to sell your business, it is imperative to use a business brokerage firm that has a great system in place. The key to a successful sale is to have a team of experienced business brokers by your side who know how to market your business.


How Marketing Can Transform Your Listing Into a Sale

The first step is to develop a professional marketing package specifically for your business. This marketing package is what the potential buyer will review after they have signed a confidentiality agreement. Designed to answer any questions potential buyers may have about acquiring your business, it is typically 20 to 30 pages. In other words, if you hired someone to create one for you, it could cost a couple thousand dollars. The marketing package is essential as it is the first impression on potential buyers.


Gateway’s Marketing Program Produces Results

business brokers, screen showing marketing resultsWe market your business in several ways, but the largest marketing asset that sets us apart is that we track every buyer we work with. When a potential buyer expresses interest, we develop a profile that tracks the types of businesses they are interested in, the size of the business, and more. For each business we sell, we will receive hundreds of inquiries. Through our profiles, an average of approximately 60 buyers will sign confidentiality agreements and view the marketing package. From this list, there will be around five offers for the business, and then only one will be accepted. That leaves us with several potential buyers disappointed they missed out on expanding their business. For the next business we list though, there are already several buyers lined up and ready with serious offers, leading to a quicker sale.

Transaction management becomes very important once a buyer has negotiated a purchase agreement. Gateway makes sure the transaction stays on track. There are some cases where even the most sophisticated of buyers can have difficulty completing the purchase. Financing, due diligence, and the process of purchasing can be tricky to navigate without experts helping along the way.

These are just a few of the items that sets Gateway business brokers apart from other firms. Set up an appointment with one of our brokers today and learn how we can help you.

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