More Offers Means More Money for YOU!

It can be quite flattering when a Private Equity Group, or a client of your CPA or attorney makes an offer to buy your business. However, by accepting their offer, you are potentially missing out on many more offers that could drive up your selling price.

Here is What You Need to Do:

Take control of your sale. Generate multiple offers in order to drive up the selling price.
Competition between buyers is good for you.

Gateway Makes This Happen:

We develop a professional marketing package which is a comprehensive, impressive, first-glance of your
business that potential buyers receive after executing the Confidentiality Agreement. This marketing
package is invaluable resource with no cost to you.

Our specialization in your industry for over 20 years has developed a extensive pool of buyers ready to
purchase a business just like yours. Our average client has hundreds of interested buyers, over 60 serious
buyers, and receives 5 or more written offers from committed buyers which drives up the selling price.

How Does This Benefit YOU?

Of those 5 or more buyers, only one buyer is successful in buying the business and 4 potential buyers are very disappointed which creates a seller’s market. The next business we bring to the market reaps the benefits
of these highly motivated buyers. Gateway continues to deliver results. You are able to get the highest
selling price.