Insights From a Former Business Owner and Happy Client

two hands holding a glowing lightbulb to illustrate opportunity; insights from a former business owner and happy clientI wish I had started the process earlier. I thought for years about selling my business, but never made the time to meet with a Gateway Broker and start the process. Meanwhile, I became more burnt out, more frustrated and lost all passion to grow my business. It eventually became a chore for me to go to work. I look back and realize it would have been better for me, and much better for the business, if I had sold to someone with a passion to grow it.

As a former business owner, I wish I had known what buyers were looking for. Through the selling process, I learned things that were important to me, weren’t all that important to buyers. In hindsight of my former business owner ways, had I known what buyers were really focused on, I would have focused on strengthening those aspects of my business to make it more attractive to buyers.

Even though I wish I had started the process earlier, Gateway was there to help me every step of the way.

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