How Gateway Brokers Screen Potential Buyers

No one wants to waste time with “tire kickers.” At Gateway MA, we screen buyers to make sure they have the right skill set and financial capabilities to acquire your business.  Only when they have passed through the screening process, and the Confidentiality Agreement has been signed will your business’ identity and summary financial information be revealed.  In doing so, we can protect the confidentiality of your business sale. Educating buyer prospects about the importance of confidentiality for them as well as the business can lessen the risks of your employees and customers finding out about the sale of your business before you are ready to tell them about it.

When people outside the transaction know about the sale of your business, it can affect the business, employee relationships and customer relationships. If revealed too soon in the process, the transaction can lose momentum and viability.  

Tens or hundreds of people will inquire about your business. Out of these people, only a small percentage are viable and capable of the making the purchase.  Some are the “tire kickers’ we mentioned above. Some simply lack the courage to leave the security of their job and all of its benefits to become an entrepreneur.  Others may be capable but move more slowly as they don’t know what type of business they would like to purchase.  Your Gateway Broker will ensure you are meeting only the most serious, most skilled and most financially capable buyers while you remain focused on running your business.