The Buyer Dream Team

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Buying a business is a significant financial event for a buyer, and most certainly not the time to fly solo. You want a team of advisers to guide you through the Business Buying Process as well as someone who can coordinate with your team and the Seller’s team. Typically, you team should consist of a Business Intermediary/Broker, legal advisers, financial advisers, and industry experts.


Business Broker/Intermediary

You can think of a Business Broker/Intermediary as a Business Buying Process Coach. The Intermediary is the central figure throughout the process, working through issues that arise, and keeping all the players focused on the end goal. This individual not only works with your team but also the seller’s team, ensuring a successful sale and transition. If you have any questions about professionals you should include on your Dream Team based on your unique situation, your Business Broker/Intermediary can give you some guidance.


Legal Advisers

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Let your Legal Advisers consult these for you.

Legal advice comes from an attorney. However, it is highly recommended that you seek out a Transaction attorney and/or Real Estate attorney. Transaction attorneys typically specialize in Business Sales Transactions. They are highly skilled in working through the financial, tax, planning, and procedural matters associated with buying a business. A real estate attorney specializes in negotiation of real estate contracts and leases. If your business transaction involves real estate, we highly encourage that you have a real estate attorney on your team.

Depending on your situation, you may also consider seeking additional legal counsel, such as an immigration attorney, employment attorney, licensing attorney, or industry specialized attorney.


Financial Advisers

When you own a business, there is simply no person more valuable than a great accountant or CPA. As you progress through the Buying Process, it is important to have an expert look at the financial data during the due diligence process. In addition to a regular CPA or accountant, you should also utilize the services of a Transaction CPA firm. Transaction CPAs are experts at negotiating deal structure and are knowledgeable in structuring transactions that are unfamiliar to typical CPAs. Another financial adviser typically involved is the banker because buyers may not have all the cash to purchase a business.


Industry Experts

If you are purchasing a business in an unfamiliar industry, utilizing an industry expert could be very useful. Your industry expert could be someone you know who works in the industry, owns a business in the industry, or is a professional industry consultant.

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